What must be done to become a spa distributor?

Becoming a spa distributor takes work, but above all a lot of willpower on your part. Don't forget that this accessory has become a must-have for many individuals, beyond the big hotel chains. Know the background of the jacuzzi, differentiate between the spa and the pool, and go into web marketing. These are all steps that should not be overlooked.

The spa: a luxury object within the reach of many

If only yesterday, many equated the spa with the world of luxury and bling-bling, today things have changed. You will undoubtedly have noticed it: many brands and web providers have started selling hot tubs and spas for sale. This, thanks to the various price ranges allowing everyone to access luxury. Each year, just under 10,000 spas are sold: built-in units, inflatables, etc. In other words, becoming a spa distributor is a busy profession. In addition, the clientele has grown in recent years, and there is no risk of turning its back on new offers.

Swimming pool and spa: two different markets

If you think selling a spa is as easy as selling a swimming pool, you are wrong. The target customers are totally different. The same is true for the approach to be adopted. We must therefore provide a technique and a strategy capable of convincing customers on the lookout for luxury, without horrifying them with exorbitant prices. Many people go wrong in trying to offer reasonably priced spa products that are of poor quality. Indeed, unlike the swimming pool which symbolizes family and entertainment, the spa for its part represents luxury and relaxation. Everything is therefore a matter of nuance and common sense.


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