The main differences between a spa and a jacuzzi

Of course, you have already wondered what the difference could be between a spa and a jacuzzi. However, this difference does not follow any technical consideration, it is rather relative to a question of language, that is to say a way of naming.

The characteristics of a spa and jacuzzi

A spa is defined as a pool that constantly offers hot baths. Indeed, it is a very suitable equipment consisting of a filtration system with cartridges which also ensure the treatment of the water. So, with such a device, it is not necessary to provide a technical room. In fact, maintenance is easier with a swim spa. And this device that gives hot tubs is naturally adapted to the different needs and preferences of individuals. The temperature is adjustable and the accessories can be personalized. However, there are several types of spa namely inflatable, built-in, portable, and swim. And the difference between these types of spas is relative to the material, the composition, the type of installation and among others the utility.

For a jacuzzi, it reflects exactly the same composition and the same architecture as a spa. It is always a well-defined vessel that offers baths with boiling water. In addition, the dimensions are the same and the customization does not change with the accessories and the number of seats. Consequently, we find the same technical considerations in a jacuzzi as in a spa. However, there is a difference between these two terms, but this difference tells a story of naming.

The difference between spa and jacuzzi

At the origin of the difference between the spa and the jacuzzi, we discover a last name. The word spa designates the general name of this equipment. On the other hand, it is its inventor who is called Jacuzzi. Indeed, the facts go back to the 1950s, with the father of the family Candido Jacuzzi who developed this device to relieve his son who fell seriously ill. It was in the 1970s that the marketing of this product was effective by the grandson Roy Jacuzzi, in the sports and medical fields. And that’s why today we’re talking more about a jacuzzi spa.


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