Pool water treatment in the summertime

The often unbearable heat indicates the summer season, a good opportunity for swimming. No need to go to the beach, your pool is more than enough. It will then be more and more frequented, so a good water treatment is necessary during this period. Good water quality must then be ensured so that no risk of skin irritation or other adverse health consequences occur. The precautions are valid for all types of pools: large, small and inflatable. For the treatment to be effective, there are steps to follow.

Water filtration

Before water enters your pool, it must pass through the filter system. This filtering is the first step. This process already removes impurities from the water. This filter works with the pump, skimmers and the discharge valve. It can be used even 3 times a day. When you buy a jacuzzi, you can ask the seller or manufacturer to get it for you. The same is true when buying or installing a pool. Many types of filters exist, the sand filter remains by far the most efficient, especially for small pools.

Water treatment with UV light

For those who are not interested in the use of chemicals, UV light is a better solution. These rays allow you to purify the water in your pool, and this method is more and more appreciated and accessible to everyone. Indeed, no microbes, algae or impurities escape these rays. They act by destroying all these impurities that can harm your health and comfort. The installation of a UV treatment must be done by an expert, and that it is better to do it at the same time as the installation of the filtering system. This device costs about 2000 euros.

The application of sodium bicarbonate

This basic solution consists in ensuring the good alkalinity of the water because the pH of a balanced water is between 7.2 and 7.6. This good water quality does not favour the development of algae and other types of bacteria. If your pool is a large pool, 2 kg of baking soda will be necessary. The trick is as follows: you sprinkle the product at the bottom of the pool and wait about 12 hours for it to take its role. Don't worry, this reagent is a cheap product.

The use of the PMBH disinfectant

To ensure more water purification during the summer period, you must also use disinfectants. Previously, chlorine was the solution used, but with its harmful effects on the skin, it is no longer a good alternative. PMBH then came on the market which is less aggressive to the skin. It can be sold in two states: liquid or in tablet form. The fact that it is odourless and colourless makes it possible to use it without discomfort. PMBH acts directly on all bacteria, especially fungi. You must combine it with other techniques such as UV treatment for example, because it is passive against algae.

Depending on your budget, there is a method to purify your water that you can afford. You can always couple these techniques together to have an effective treatment. With PMBH for example, you can also use it with an algicide so that the algae are removed at the same time. In any case, the filtering system is unconditional for every pool.